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Who We Are

Writers Helping Writers

SJVW is a branch of the statewide California Writers Club. Founded in 2015, SJVW is dedicated to the interaction among writers, both accomplished and novice. We welcome all who aspire to put thoughts and stories onto the page, who have something they want to tell readers. Whether you write fiction, poetry, memoirs, essays, or something else, this is the group for you!

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Benefits of Joining SJVW

As you peruse our website, you will see many of the benefits and opportunities related to joining SJVW. Here we highlight those benefits that might be less visible. 

  •  Informative monthly meetings. Monthly meetings include presentations from veteran authors, editors, and other professionals. These Zoom presentations provide important insight and information that can boost your work as a writer. In addition, on the fourth Saturday of every month, SJVW hosts "Craft Chat"--an in-person event over lunch where members review and work through issues in writing (e.g., captivating first lines, creating vivid characters, issues in point of view). 

  • Networking and support. If you feel that writing is a lonely endeavor, joining SJVW will get you connected and provide opportunities for you to work with others, including joining and/or forming a critique group. In addition, your work can be featured on our Membership Publications page and our Member in the Spotlight page, increasing your visibility and chance to network with others. 

  • Getting published. You can expand your audience by participating in a published volume. The SJVW publishes an anthology in odd years. In addition, you will have opportunities to publish with other branches of the California Writers Club.


  • Contests. The SJVW hosts writing contests in the even years in the areas of prose fiction, prose memoir, and poetry. This is a chance to receive an award for your writing. Click here to be directed to the current contest (2024).


  • Use of SJVW logo on your website. With the SJVW logo, you can show your level of professionalism and your efforts as a serious writer. (See our resources page.)


In addition, joining the SJVW automatically enrolls you in the state-wide CWC (California Writers Club). The CWC produces a valuable and informative bulletin four times a year and provides additional opportunities to network with thousands of writers throughout the state. The CWC also provides additional opportunities to get your work published, to enter contests, and to attend presentations offered by other branches. 

For information on membership, click on the tab at the top of this page or click hereAnd check out our intro video. Click on the image below. Feel free to share and circulate. 




Donations to SJVW are welcome. SJVW is a branch of the California Writers Club. The California Writers Club (CWC) is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit corporation with 22 branches in California. Our organization is dedicated to educating writers of all levels and disciplines in the craft of writing and in publishing and the marketing of their work. To make a donation, click here


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