Guidelines for the San Joaquin Valley Writers 

California Writers Club 2023 Anthology

Publication Timeline


Great Valley Stories: Portals to the Past will be released in Fall, 2023

Paperback Price: $11.99

E-book Price: $3.99 on Amazon

The Anthology contains short stories, poems, and memoir excerpts containing references to the Great Central Valley of California, or to some valley somewhere, either real or metaphorical.

Here is a sample of the Table of Contents:

Campus Connections                                      Betsy Schwarzentraub
The Littlest Tiger                                            John Britto
Farmers Market                                              Pamela Pan
Lujan’s Barber Shop                                       Loretta Susan Carr
Secret of the Queen’s Gold                             Kristin Wall
#Modern@Medicine                                       K.A. Wiley, MD
The Fertile Soil of the San Joaquin Valley   Rose Cordero-Gonzales