Welcome Writers

Do you have a story idea and want to know what to do next? Have you finished a book and are curious about publishing it? Already have several books out and are looking to up your writer game? You’ve got questions and we’ve got your answers. It’s never too early or late to join. This is the club for you. This chapter of the CWC is so fortunate to have many accomplished authors amongst its membership, along with a robust board that is always working to bring SJVW club the best speakers, presentations, and networking opportunities available. SJVW’s hosts a critique group, an anthology in progress, weekly sprints, and have published our very first radio play that was written and produced by this club’s membership. What are you waiting for? Your future awaits!

Benefits of joining San Joaquin Valley Writers

  •   Informative monthly meetings – Career-changing presentations. 
  •   Networking with other writers – The writing life is a lonely one. But it doesn’t have to be.
  •   Monthly Newsletter – Every month you’ll receive information and opportunities to assist you along your writing journey.
  •  Use of SJVW logo on your website – Show your level of professionalism and that you take your writing seriously.
  •  Get published in Great Valley Stories – Expand your audience by participating in this epic endeavor. See Information Below.
  • Critique Group – We all need a little boost, who better than your peers, to help you along your way?
  • Writing Sprints –  Held weekly on Zoom. 

San Joaquin Valley Writers Club Anthology Opportunity:

Click Here For The Registration Form 

Why submit your work to an anthology? You can reach a wider audience and obtain credibility for future projects.

Who can submit their work? Members in good standing of the San Joaquin Valley Writers Branch of the California Writers Club.

How can I join the SJVW?  Membership

When is the deadline for submission? March 1, 2023.

What is the theme for works submitted? Each piece will be set in the Great Valley of California, or in some valley, whether literal or metaphorical.

What formats are accepted? Short story, essay, memoir, excerpts from a longer work, and poetry.

What is the maximum length for prose? A maximum of 2,800 words. See the complete guidelines on website for details.

What is the maximum length for poetry? Two pages, thirty-two lines. See website for details.

How many submissions are allowed? Two: two stories or two poems, or one of each.

Will my work be edited? Submit your work in as clean a condition as possible. The higher the quality of the work, the greater the likelihood it will be accepted. The editor-in-chief will work with authors on what goes into print.

Is there an author release form? Yes. It must be signed within seven days after your work has been officially accepted for publication to ensure placement in the anthology. See website for the form.

Are there copyright considerations? Copyright laws are thorny matters that publishers and authors follow to avoid litigation. Our website has a FAQ section that addresses copyright issues.

Will each author provide a bio? Yes, we will ask for a bio within seven days after the work has been officially accepted for publication. See FORM for more information.

Will there be any censorship? Submissions containing sexual or violent material that is not germane to the story will be heavily edited. See FORM for more information.

What are the Terms of Publication? See the registration form below for stipulations for release and ownership of copyright.