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Once a month, an electronic newsletter is sent to members. The newsletter contains important announcements such as members' recent publications and achievements, available workshops, summaries of meetings, and other matters of interest. 

Special note. Congratulations to Pam Van Allen, recent recipient of the Jack London Award from the California Writers Club. Click here for photos.

Monthly "Gab Fest"

On the fourth Saturday of every month, various members gather at Papapavlo's restaurant (501 Lincoln Center in Stockton) for lunch at noon. Lasting anywhere from two to three hours, members chat, share ideas, and can present short readings (maximum five pages) to share with others and receive feedback. 

Upcoming Events


Click here for a list of upcoming events. Updated monthly. 

 Anthology Launch

On November 4, 2023, SJVW had the official launch of its first anthology, Great Valley Stories (see Publications page). Held at Valley Brew in Stockton, it was a great afternoon event featuring speakers, authors talking about their work, poetry reading, and plenty of food and drink. Below are a few images from that event. We hope to see everyone at the next one!

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