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Because our motto is "writing helping writers," SJVW is pleased to list various resources for writers of all levels. If you have a resource you think would be beneficial to fellow writers, contact us by clicking here and sending a message to Bill VanPatten, website administrator. 

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Critique Groups

Click here for information on SJVW sponsored critique groups--how to form one, how to join one, guidelines, and other related matters. 


A number of our members offer editing services, including Pam Van Allen  and Monika Rose. Outside of SJVW members, you can find professional editing services at sites such as Reedsy and Kirkus. IndieReader offers information on book editors. The Grammaristoffers some useful tips on hiring an editor.


Note that SJVW cannot officially endorse any particular editing service and does not guarantee or underwrite such services. 


Click on each link below to view a presentation or to get PowerPoint slides.

January 13, 2024: June Gillam's presentation on "Imagine Your 2024 Writer's Journey." No password required. (Note: this is an abridged version of the meeting and presentation.)

September 2023: John Britto's presentation on "Hey, what's your name again?"

August 2023: Chris Hennessy's presentation on using video trailers to promote your books. You'll need a passcode: ^uLe$1b2

June 2023: Terry Wells-Brown's presentation on "Gain Readers and Sell Books on BookFunnel!" You'll need a passcode: *D5h2XP&

April 2023: Chelle Honiker's presentation on latest trends in independent publishing. You'll need a passcode: Xk3S&3F^

March 2023: June Gillam's presentation on "From Critique Groups to Sensitivity Readers." You'll need a passcode: CE^Sp.Q5

February 2023: Denise Lee Branco's presentation on "The G.I.F.T.: How to Write a Loving Tribute to Your Pet." You'll need a passcode: LYV^H2@%


Below are some members' favorite books and websites on the craft of writing. 

June Gillam's writing tips

Tor's list of top books on the craft of writing

Jerry Jenkins "Twelve best books in writing I've ever read." 

Writer's Digest to write better fiction and to write better non-fiction.

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